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	November 7, 2012

	Move to Amend, info at MoveToAmend.org

Move to Amend Wins Big at the Ballot Box
Americans Fed Up with Big Money and Undue Corporate Influence

>From Massachusetts to Oregon, Colorado to Illinois and Wisconsin, and
Ohio to California, citizens throughout the country voted
overwhelmingly yesterday for their legislators to pass a constitutional
amendment to overturn the U.S. Supreme Court's Citizens United v.
Federal Election Commission ruling and declare that only human beings
-- not corporations -- are entitled to constitutional rights and that
money is not speech and campaign spending can be regulated.

Residents in over 100 cities had the opportunity to vote on measures
calling for an end to the doctrines of corporate constitutional rights
and money as free speech and in every single town the vote was
supportive. Often by an overwhelming margin. In Eau Claire, WI the vote
was 71% in favor of a measure stating, "Should the US Constitution be
amended to establish that regulating political contributions and
spending is not equivalent to limiting freedom of speech, by stating
that only human beings, not corporations, unions, or PACs, are entitled
to constitutional rights?"

In largely conservative Pueblo, Colorado, where the city newspaper came
out against the measure, residents still voted 65% in favor of Move to
Amend's resolution, placed on the ballot by County Commissioners. Move
to Amend volunteers in Massachusetts collected signatures to place the
constitutional amendment question before one third of the population of
their state. The "MA Democracy Amendment Question" passed by 79%.

Voters in Mendocino County, CA where volunteers collected signatures to
become the first California county to place a Move to Amend citizen's
initiative on the ballot, explicitly voted to "stand with the Move to
Amend campaign" by a 73% margin. Move to Amend resolutions also passed
in several towns in Illinois and Ohio and Oregon, all by similar
landslide margins.

Montana voters approved a state-wide resolution by 75%.

Another organization -- Common Cause -- put forward several measures
calling for simply overturning Citizens United and granting Congress
authority to regulate campaign spending. These measures also passed by
a wide margin. In the state of Colorado, the Common Cause measure
passed by 64% and in San Francisco approval was 80% and 72% in
Richmond, CA. The group's measure in Chicago passed by 74%. Common
Cause was also an active member of the MA Democracy Amendment Coalition.

Move to Amend's position is that the Constitutional amendment must go
beyond simply overturning "Citizens
United" [ http://movetoamend.org/amendment ], "There is no reason for
us to shy away from a true and lasting solution, rather than just
band-aids," stated Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap, a member of the Move to
Amend National Leadership Team. "In every single community where
Americans have had the opportunity to call for a Constitutional
amendment to outlaw corporate personhood, they have seized it and voted
yes overwhelmingly. Tuesday's results show that the Movement to Amend
has nearly universal approval. Americans are fed up with large
corporations wielding undue influence over our elections and our legal
system. Citizens United is not the cause, it is a symptom and Americans
want to see that case overturned not by simply going back to the
politics of 2009 before the case, but rather by removing big money and
special interests from the process entirely."

Move to Amend is a national coalition of hundreds of organizations and
nearly 250,000 people. The organization also boasts over 150 local
affiliates across the country [ https://movetoamend.org/map/groups ].
The Resolve to Amend campaign goal was to have 50 cities vote on the
group's resolution.



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