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Friday, July 6th, 2012 

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Greens denounce action of Illinois Party County Chairman
Georgia Green Party Chairman urges Withdraw of Challenges

In a letter faxed this morning to the Chairman of the Cook County
Illinois Green Party, Bruce Dixon, Chair of the Georgia Green Party
urged that the Illinois Party official withdraw his challenge to the
ballot access petitions filed by competing political parties.  

"Our position in support of open ballot access is grounded not in any
parochial self-interest we as Greens have in seeing our own candidates
on the ballot," wrote Mr. Dixon, himself a Chicago native who relocated
to Cobb County Georgia a decade ago, "but in the democratic principle
that a voter ought to have the opportunity to cast a ballot for their
candidates of choice and to have those ballots counted."

Mr. Dixon's letter accuses the Illinois chairman of setting "a very
dangerous precedent."  He points out the strategic alliance being
built, not only in Georgia but across the nation, among emerging
political parties.  These parties are working together in spite of
their many political differences to challenge the undemocratic barriers
which deny voters an opportunity to cast ballots for their candidates
of choice.  

The Georgia Green Party is a co-plaintiff with the Constitution Party
of Georgia in litigation challenging the barriers they face with
respect to access to the Georgia ballot for their respective 2012
Presidential slates.  Georgia poses the most restrictive barriers to
ballot access in the world.  The barriers were erected in 1943 to limit
the participation of black voters, already prohibited from
participation in the all-white Democratic primary, from challenging
public elections in the General Election by organizing with other

The Georgia Green Party has organized since 1996 to provide an
electoral alternative for voters committed to peace and justice,
democracy and ecology.  Its has fielded dozens of candidates, most of
whom have run as write-in candidates, although some of its candidates
in local and non-partisan races have scored 30% or more at the polls.
The Party has fielded Presidential slates in 2000, 2004 and 2008.  Jill
Stein of Massachusettes is expected to win the Party's nomination at
its Presidential Nominating Convention, to be held next weekend in
Baltimore Maryland.  

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Letter from Bruce Dixon, Chair, Georgia Green Party 
to Rob Sherman, Chair, Cook County Illinois Green Party

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