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Kudos to John Huie of the Athens local.  -- HE

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>Subject: [InstantRunoffGA] Letter to editor in Athens paper
>This ran in the Athens (Ga) Banner-Herald
>Story last updated at 8:21 p.m. on Thursday, October 25, 2001
>It's time to let other political parties into our elections
>   I wish your editorials on redistricting had mentioned the
>proportional representation system of elections, which are widely
>used in Europe in one form or another. One method allows voters to
>vote for more than one candidate by ranking candidates in order of
>preference. If your top choice doesn't win, your second choice still
>counts but not as much. Runoffs are eliminated, and your vote isn't
>wasted if you didn't pick the leader.
>   Our two dominant political parties find it convenient to keep
>others out of the running. In Georgia, ballot access for third
>parties has virtually been eliminated. A Democrat or Republican
>candidate gets his or her name on the ballot automatically -- no
>other parties need apply. If you are a Libertarian, a Green or Reform
>party candidate, you have to collect an unreasonable number of
>petition signatures to get onto the ballot.
>   Democracy doesn't have to mean rule by politicians who manipulate
>the lowest common denominator of voter fears. Should elections
>be ''free marketplaces of competing ideas,'' or closed contests in
>which real issues never get aired? Democracy doesn't mean everybody
>gets their way, but everyone's voice can be heard as solutions are
>hammered out. Check out www.fairvote.org for constructive
>alternatives to our present ''winner-take-all'' system. John Huie
>Published in the Athens Banner-Herald on Friday, October 26, 2001.
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